Monday, March 17, 2008

Money Isn't Everything

Money isn't everything. But of course living in this materialistic world now money is everything. What's life without money? For me money is nothing. In life what's important is happiness. Right some may say " no money, how to get happiness?" An answer to that " There are many things on earth money can't but and indeed there are more valuable things money can't buy than things money can buy".Money can't buy happiness, money can't buy health and most importantly money can't buy love. Some may also say, mates will come to me when they smell money but a question to that "Do you get the feel of a real love by buying them?"

Money is merely nothing when you come to family relationship. Look at families today. Parents may be loaded and so are their children not with money but with corrupted minds and body. Students nowadays, teenagers in particular are time-filled with tuitions and school activities. Where does their free time go? an answer to that " REVISION, FRIENDS, MASS MEDIA," Where do they get the time to spend with their family? What does this lead to? - BROKEN FAMILY. It's undeniable that parents can't even understand their own children in the world today. I can even say that friends understand each another more than parents understanding their child who shares the same blood.

What is life when everyone in the family is like living in the wild? No time for each another. Oh year maybe meal times. So what if their child is the top student in school? straight A's scorer in public exams? when students end up realizing that they actually wasted a quater of their life spending time on non-living things.

That's how life goes these days. Great education, great undertakings, great success, great earnings, GREAT LOSS IN HAPPINESS

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