Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Is It Now?

Sometimes I just feel like blogging so much and I can write and think non-stop on spot. BUT sometimes I just wanna write but nothing comes to me.

It has been some time since I talked bout my happenings. Let's turn back to time back to last monday during the school holidays after the election. I don't want to talk bout election cause I am not in tune to politics although I love listening to people talking bout politics and gossiping bout one another. That's fun :)

Back on track, went to school from monday to friday every morning till afternoon to sun bath with the band - My friendly family. Although I wasn't in the formation and I wasn't participating with another friend of mine but we went there to train up the juniors. Not entering sports day was a sacrifice as this is the last year for us to go for it but what's more important is the juniors that will soon be marching in an even bigger band with more complicated drills. What happened was I became a little darker so did all the members.

I don't know why after so may years of sacrifice in the band I could receive an idea of not entering the Band Competition this year. It's like who have been working hard and waiting for this day to come are crushed down by those who doesn't put in effort. It's like you have been preparing for your exam day and night and at the end of the day you are not registered for the exam. What does it feel like? You will feel you are stupid for working so hard and you don't even get the taste of it. I don't know what I want to say here but making predictions are always stupid. I won't wanna say I fail my SPM before I even enter the examination hall. I don't want to quit when there is still a chance. Nothing is for sure. If you try at least you have the chance but if you do not you gain nothing. If there are really psychics living in this planet. I DON'T HOPE ONE OF THEM IS IN MMB.

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