Saturday, March 29, 2008

MMB Spirit

Since the first day I join the Michaelian Military Band in 2004, I've always been waiting for the time when my turns come to receive the MMB spirit or more known as "Semangat MMB". It's just a feeling you can't express and it's simply indescribable. But in this term of 07/08 which is coming to an end in no time, it's a pity to see that the the spirit of the band is changing. In terms of unity and teamwork, MMB is no longer the MMB in the past. MMB is now going to transform into a technical band. MMB was a group of people gathering to meet each another, enjoys everything and does everything together. There used to be not much technical rules in MMB. Technical here for my case means something done too formally. MMB use to care less bout glory and more into pride but in this term MMB is starting to change to more into glory and although glory can lead to pride it would be a different type of pride. I use to enjoy being in MMB because everytime I see other members of other bands I have the pride and that's the pride I want to have which I have no idea how it came about. This feeling is the feeling that keeps me going in the band. MMB has something other bands do not have which is as stated in the title. It's not that the band is good or I am a good player that makes me proud. It's the spirit and the feeling of being a band member of The Saints that make me proud at that time. I must do what I can to get back the MMB spirit to keep the members together if not I will lose everything and I shall close my eyes in regrets.

Special Thanks to all my seniors who plant this feel into me and I shall never forget it. Far in the eyes but close in the heart.

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