Friday, December 28, 2007

Hong Kong Again

Let's write more bout me in hong kong before it fades off. Went to macau on the second day of the trip. In macau we didn't do much cause we only visited the casino which was the best place that. Had buffet there then the adults went to the casinos and the kids stayed outside. Haha. Then took a bus to the imigration center to cross the border to china and there we were in china. Spent one night there then the next day we went to the china zoo. So many animals in there. Many animals that cannot be found here in Malaysia was there because of the weather difference. That was the best place in China. The food in china is still in the acceptable level. Haha.

The best time during this holiday in hong kong was the time we spend in hong kong. But sadly there wasn't enough time for shopping so I can't get everyone everything.

Let's go to windows of the world in china. This is the place where the buils the great wonders of the world and scale it down. In scales of 1:3 - 1:8. This means they build the same buildings with the same materials of every country's great wonders but scaling in down. They have the taj mahal, the japan thai and insian buildings. ALL built so real. I see the egypt land, the ancient buildings. There was even eiffel tower there where they build it to a scale of 1:3. Then we went to ICEWORLD hwere we experience winter indoors. It was super cold in there where my hands are just too numb to take photos and cold air comes out from my mouth when I speak. It was a great experience.

Will be talking buot disneyland and ocean park hong kong some other time. That's the best of the trip. Overall the WHOLE trip was inddeed very memorable.

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