Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back From Hong Kong

Yeaps back from hong kong 2 days ago. Actually I don't know what to start with. It's just way too much to talk bout it and it's jsut so much fun there I don't wanna come back to Malaysia. Haha. Basically everything WAS GREAT only one things was bad which is the air environemtn there. EVerywhere you go you can smell smoke even inside the hotel lobby. Weather there wasn't cold. Just fine. I went to 3 countries which is hong kong, macau and china. These 3 countries are connected and it's easy to travel by just crossing the border. Altogether I stay in 5 hotels. 2 in hong kong and 3 in china. Sis not spend a night in Macau. Briefly just to say that it is just a superb trip. Wanna talk bout everyday what I do but it will be way too long of a story to share but I will. Not now. Hehe. Didn't have enough time for shopping there casue the whole day was packed with touring here and there. So i didn't get to buy souveniors for everyone. Sorry. Haha

Let's start with the first day. Arrived in hong kong airport bout 11 then we went to the tallest sitted buddha statue where we sat on the bus and to my surprise the roads up the hill was like a rollercoaster track and the bus driver is so pro. It's jsut scary to look outside. It's really like a rollercoaster. Our tour guide was a fun guy and so is the tour leader. Both jokers. Haha. Then at night I went to the wax museum the air there was cooling very very cooling. Took lots of photos with many actors and actrsees and some namely people. You can check them out in my friendster photos Compared to the china tour guide he was like teaching history of china throughout the time in the bus from destination to destination. China has the tallest telephone line tower and it is building the world's tallest rollercoaster at a height of 72 meters. wahlao. I will never ride on that coaster. 72 meters down. Think of it also sweat d.

I can't remember ALL the places I've visited casue it's way too much. But I visited DR.Sun Yer Sen's house. The founder of china.

It's just too much I don't know what to start with. Let me think. Haha. If u see me face to face I can tell you everything in a day. Haha.

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