Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Woo~ I feel tired these days. I have enough sleep but I still feel tired. I have lots of work waiting for me to settle. This Friday(18/6) I have to pass up an assignment, Saturday(19/6) another assignment interview. Tsk tsk. Then Monday(21/6) lab report to be handed up, Wednesday(23/6) and Thursday(24/6) Test!!!. Wahlao... Continuing, the following Monday(28/6) another assignment to be handed up and a lab report and finally the last day, Saturday(3/7) the last interview for my assignment. Tsk tsk. So many things to do. But after that, I will have one week study break before my 2 days exams :D yea, I only have 2 papers this semester because it's a short semester (7 weeks) O.o Very short hor??? Muahaha`!!

In few weeks time, a friend of mine from Ipoh will be coming to Penang to study in USM, his name is Choon Keat. Used to be in the same class with him from Form 1 - 3 but streamed to different classes in Form 4 and 5. Good to see another Ipoh-ian here in Penang. It's so hard to find Ipoh fellas here. Haha. Another one will be Wai Keong, I think he is coming, is that right?? Haha
Well, will be waiting for their arrival. May Penang be field with more cantonese speaking people :D

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reanaclaire said...

hi Andy... due to your efforts now, many good things will come awaiting for u later on.. God bless...