Monday, October 05, 2009

3 Weeks To Go

I think I used this same title before during my first semester. Same title means the same thing. I am 3 weeks behind before my final exams for this semester. Still have assignments and test to complete before the final exams.

Went to see the Head Of Program today to talk bout my current EEE lecturer. As the whole class can't catch up with what he teaches, so gotta talk to the Head bout it and the Head talked to my lecturer. Successfully, solutions were thought out and things were eventually solved FOR NOW. Assignments date due are brought forward because some of the things needed to complete the assignment haven't been taught yet. Lab works can be done in parallel now, 2 people in a group can do different parts one shot to avoid wastage of time. Cool. If we were to have known that earlier, we won't be so stress on catching up with the lab assessments. Previous topics will be revised again for better understanding. So far, everything is planned as this way. Hopefully it goes on well. According to the Head, Diploma can be hard, but when we go to degree, it would be more relaxing. Yea! Diploma is harder than foundation program, why didn't I do foundation at the first place? =.=

Money No Enough 2

I know it's outdated, but after watching it again I feel it's funny. Haha. I like the 3 of them acting(Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee) My mum's favourite singaporean actor Mark Lee. Haha.

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reanaclaire said...

Good u went to see the Head.. i like yr style..hope this will be resolved soon... and all the best to yr coming exam... dont regret..just look forward..ok..God bless...