Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week Before Exams

I am exactly one week, not before the exams, but one week awake from holidays =)
My exams are less than a week away cause my exams will be starting on next wednesday. Time passes fast yea, second semester is gonna end soon already. Second semester wasn't as enjoyable as the first semester though.

So, exams coming, time to push. Just got all my coursework marks. Satisfying enough. It's now all up to my final exam day. Gotta push. Currently having a break off my EEE studies. Reading all through from the top of the syllabus to the end. =.=

I don't know what to say already!! It's time to study. Haha. Gonna blog more during the holidays. gotta gain back my readers attention before I leave the blog dying. My 3 years of blogging efforts. ^^

This is what I'm doing now. LOL


reanaclaire said...

hey..where did u get that exam jia you cute... in just less than a week's time .. u be free as a bird... don worry.. u can do it.. JIA YOU!!

To Glorify Him said...

yes bro!! Sure, u can make it thru and do it..hehe..I will keep u in prayer every night..Do your best and let God do the rest