Sunday, October 25, 2009

War With Time

Exams are coming in 3 days. I'm currently having a war with time. I gotta revise a lot more before the exams. Time is not enough. Thinking on the positive side, my mind tells me "The faster the time passes, the faster you get to enjoy your holidays", my negative mind tell me "Time is passing very fast, better study more". My situation now is WORK HARD OR DIE TRYING. Haha.

Sleeping late nights again. I think i can work better when the sun goes down because no matter what time I sleep, I will still wake up late, so why not sleep late and minimize my sleeping time since my waking time is the same. Sleep early wake up late, sleep late also wake up late. Sleep late ba. ^^

Not everyone can get an optimum sleep of 8 hours a day


reanaclaire said...

gosh!!! are u the first man or the 2nd man in this picture???
ok, i promise to take u good makan when u come back .. or cook u nice nice food myself... deal!
Jia YOU!

Gabriel said...

jia you jia you! i hope you are in the 28%. :)