Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy

A boy borned in 10th Junuary 1991 is making his day a memorable one again today. WOOOoooo I am 18 this year. Wow, I like this number. It sounds so matureand independent but it is more of the opposite of it. Haha. Today is the 18th year anniversary of my life on earth and I am still thinking of what cake to get later in the afternoon. No more secret recipe cake I guess. Had too much already. Let's go back to normal cakes. l0lx.

At the same time, today is Joshua's birthday too. An old friend of mine since primary school who shares the same birthday as me. I wish him happy birthday too and hopefully he sees this message. That's if he ever comes in. l0lx.
Another one is Bryan. Another good friend of mine whom I know since form 1 in band. He is one day older than me and Joshua and well, BRYAN, Happy Birthday to you too. ^^

Updates on MMU - The results will be out next week. Hope to get in but if I can't, then I will have to wait for a few months. However, it's not a bad thing. We will see~

Thanks to all who wished me. Thank you all ^.^

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