Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Updates

It has been a wonderful day yesterday. Let me line out what went on yesterday. Firstly, I woke up at about 11 something in the morning and my family and I went to parade. Initially, the plan was to go there for a walk and get myself a new pair of sport shoes BUT the parking lots were so full AND there will be badminton games on TV. So, we decided to go to town and go to a sports shop to get the shoes. I got myself a pair of Yonex and my mum got herself a pair of Line7. I love those shoes. Hehe. Next up, we all went home then my brother, his friend(Gabriel) and I went out to get some snacks and cendol to munch while watching TV and I went on sitting in fron of the computer AGAIN. That's what I've been doing most of the time at home. Hehe. Then in the evening, Yen Tung dropped by my house to drop me a gift. It was great, later I tell you why. We went to Yeolde English for dinner. The meal was great but not filling enough. Anyhow, we moved on to church but before that, my bro got me a cake. Thanks bro~! Then after church we went home and started the little party. And after that, we went out again for supper. Kekeke

Thanks to Yen Tung for her gift and this delicious cake. My favourite cake. Haha

Thanks To my bro for this delicious cake~!!

Thanks to Gabriel for his Thumb Drive. Just what I wanted~!

One night before, my friend called me and their whole group of them sang me a birthday song through the phone. That was the best. I've never tried that before. It was great. Thank you all~!!

Not to forget, the cute and adorable :: JINGLE BELL

Thanks to everyone who gave me a wonderful birthday this year. It has been a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all who wished me. Thank you~!!!

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Gabriel said... are welcome. actually your mom suggested the thumbdrive. :) so thanks to her as well.hhee..Happy 18!