Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Answering Tags For The First Time

I never did any tags before. Sorry to those who tagged me before. Hehe. Now I have to the time to do all these. This was tagged by weyly

1. Post 5-10 things you want most on your birthday.
2. Reasons that are reasonable and realistic.
3. Think about your friends economy.
4. Be as detailed as possible. (similar pictures, which shop u saw it, etc)
5. Think about your friends economy again
6. If you want something expensive, list down a group of people that you think could share their money so everyone's budget doesn't exceed rm10.
7. Tag at least 5 of your friends. Unless you don't have any.

Your Date of Birth : Coming Soon...

(1) I would like, nokia 5800xm, a new laptop, new cymbals for my drumset, new sport shoes
(I can't think of many)
(2) Nokia 5800xm - Cause I like its design and functions
New laptop - I want this before I further my studies ( no laptop no life )
New Cymbals - I want better crushes and rides for my drumset
New sport shoes - I wanna exercises comfortably
(3) I guess my friends can't afford those stuffs as we are all still students. =.=
(4) Haha, I don't really have pictures of all those but everything can be found anywhere
(5) Haha, same question again...
(6) Everyone pays Rm10 and if there are 10 of them at elast I could get my sport shoes.. lol
(7) 5?? This should be easy. Let me tag michelle, sharon, teenwei, wai keong, khai wern, jeffery


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