Monday, August 18, 2008

Badminton Fever~!!!

Haha, did anyone watch the match between Lindan(CHINA) and Chong Wei(MSIA) justnow? NO? Let me tell you. The game was like a guy holding a gun and a guy with knife. Lin Dan was like a dragon today sweeping Chong Wei off like nothing. I wonder what he ate before that match. He attacks and attacks and gives no chances for Chong Wei to attack. Sad for Chong Wei that he have to defend throughout the whole game. Lin Dan stand the whole game and drops when he does slight mistakes. What did Lin Dan do that he could be like 99% perfect today? He was like burning in fire once he hit the first shuttle. It took all Chong Wei's effort to defend here and there. It was really a hard and tiring match for him. Not to have the chance to control the game for even once. It was all Lin Dan's control that game. Many people sighs on Chong Wei but they shouldn't. At least Chong Wei brought back a medal for Malaysia. Why sigh on him? Even other Malaysia participants can't bring any dust back to Malaysia. AT least Chong Wei got a silver medal. Why still sigh on him? Chong Wei forever I will support you as a badminton player. Go and shine to the world next time. Today is just not your day. Haha.

It is so hard to find "kaki"s for badminton these days. Only 4 people also takes a lot of effort to invite. Haha. These holidays I thought of going for badminton games but there are justno players. Haha. Anyone intersted in playing badminton in Stadium Inda Mulia 10am - 12pm tlel me k? Haha. Need more players to play le. I love to play badminton.

PLKN list was updated and I did not get in. Some got in the second time. Why are there more girls that got in than boys this year? 140/400 and yet so many girls got in. Those who wanted to go did not get in and those who did not want to go got in. Haha. All the best to those who got in. Take care. Chaozz

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