Sunday, August 31, 2008


SPM Trials are round the corners now. One week from now (8/9/08) till the 25th of september. Will be working very extremely hard this whole week for the first time in this two years. Need to push myself especially for Add-maths, Mod-maths and Physics. These are the 3 subjects I really want to score for this trials.

Tomorrow will be our country's 51th Merdeka Year celebration. Still thinking whether to go or not to go. Haha. Quite lazy to go cause I will need to wake up at 5 something to fetch my sister along but feel like going cause can walk around and see parades. How la? To go or not to go?

I am gonna buy a new phone soon after my TRIALS but I am still wondering which phone to buy. I will have to wait till the first week of october for the latest price list of phones. Current phone models under considerations are Nokia 5610 Express Music, Nokia 6220 Classic, and N81 and Sony Ericson w902.

Oh Yeah, will be playing for church service tonight. Playing drums tonight for the first time in service. Used to play for the KIDS service but now the Adults service. It's my first time, SO, hope I don't do much mistakes and God will Guide me through.

No happenings and memories this week, so nothing much to blog. This week is not a good week to blog since Trials are approaching and the revising stress is there to push me away from blogging.

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