Friday, August 08, 2008

Seconds Of Life

Did anyone notice that this week has gone by very fast? I feel that this week had pass by very fast. Haha. This week was empty. I have no happenings this week. Let's have something bout today. Some people from the Republic Polytechnic Singapore came to my school for a talk. An introduction actually, about their poly there. I got very interested with the informations given. All about the poly. Studying there is paper-free. Papers are not in use in this poly. Everything is done by a laptop. Students carry laptop wherever they go like their bags. Besides that, their education are not exam based instead they use the method of Problem Based Learning(PBL). The facilities there are AWESOME. TOO much to say. Check out their web for more info

Went for Dark Knight last weekend with my sister, mother and some of my mum's friends. I do enjoy movies but it's just the matter of whether I am allowed to go out for movies or not. I normally go with my family. I am not encouraged to hang out with friends especially during schooling seasons. Maybe during the holidays or should I say the end term holidays. Haha. Everytime my friends ask me to go for movies I would have to decline because I know my mum would not allow. Even if she allows, I won't feel like going because I would not want the rest of my day getting pushed to my room to study. Haha. My brother never goes for movies when he was in secondary. SO, I am expected to go through the same phase of life. Sorry friends. It's not that I don't wanna join you guys, it's just hard. =.=

SPM trials will be coming. ARGH~!, the clock is ticking. Time is limited. Time is running out. I've gotta start. A minimum of 5A's for trials will be my AIM. All the engineering subjects I shall score. I shall push myself until the very end. I shall break the LIMITS. HAHA. Why do I talk like that?

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