Saturday, March 05, 2011

Random Update

As things are slowing down now, I start to relax myself more but not for the rest of this semester. Being in college now, I know exactly when I have get prepared for late nights and deprived sleeps. Tsk.. 2 assignments and 1 test for this coming week. Week 9/15. Woo~ There are no major projects this semester but for a change, the lecturer gave us all mini projects which makes them give us more assignments.

Went to Queensbay last Tuesday for a motor show, again. Haha. But this time no hot sexy cars. Only normal economical cars. Nothing much actually, cause all imported cars. I wasn't interested in most of them except for Hyundai Sonata and Kia Forte. Argh!! After that motor show, I find Kia Forte so attractive. Every part of it just attracts me. LoL. Priced at RM85,800 o.0?? I can't afford that right now. Haha. Dream on and study. 3 years more before I get out into the working world. LoL. For now, I shall continue driving my Perodua Viva =.= Hey bro, my brother Aaron, if you see this, you might wanna consider my next year's birthday present!!! Haha :P

I had been watching Links To Temptation 诱情转驳 these few days and I really liked the storyline. The story was mainly about greed towards possessions but when I watched that drama, I was looking more into the minor line bout the relationship between the main actor and the main actress. Haha. I won't say why, but it really catches my attention throughout the whole drama. If you wanna watch it, go ahead, no hesitations. It's a really nice drama. Hong Kong dramas always the best for me compared to Taiwan, Korean and Japanese dramas. I don't like to see couples love each other and cry through the whole movie, never gets together, drama drags and I fall asleep. LoL, something like Bollywood movies. I love you, You love me but Producer says we ain't getting together. Haha. :D No offense to those who like it.

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reanaclaire said...

phewwww... thank goodness u mentioned goh goh instead of ma ma.. (about the dream car) hahhaa....