Monday, December 18, 2006


Yo, I am back from my holidays yesterday.Was very tired. Let's start talking bout my holidays.:P The first destinatin I step in was in KL where i stayed in my uncle's place. What I did there? The moment I reached there, straight away i went down to their AV room and went on the drums. WAH, I was surprised because they have zildjian cymbals set. How I wish I had one. Very nice sound man. Jammed with them for a while. Haha, jamming was real fun. Moreover their AV room is quite sound proof so I can just hit as loud as I never hit before. Later after that we watched a movie(TIMELINE) in there. They had a LCD projector which makes the video being shot on the wal like so the cinemas only smaller. It was an ASTRO movie.

Next went for dinner at...Hhmmmm where was it already??0ops no no we went to church and had a late dinner at MAMAK. FOOD WAS EVEN GREAT. All sorts of Roti we ate. Special one was the Roti Tisu which is 3 feet long. Can you just imagine eating something 3 feet long? haha

Next day was Sunday, went out for breakfast then went shopping at 1 Utama. The shopping centre was big. So big I can't finish walking in it. So many shops I can't afford to spend my money. That day was shopping only so nothing much to do.

To Be Continue...

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