Friday, December 22, 2006

Holidayssssss - Part 3

ok now. I don't think i will continue talking bout my holidays since it's past for a week. But briefly what I did was Bowling, Jamming, Shopping nad the most fun thing was cycling. Not normal cycling but this is a 2 and 3 person bicycle. Seen it before? I rode it. Damn nice. Rode it in Danga Bay. So SYOK.

Okie. Back to the normal blogging. Christmas is 4 days away, PMR results are exactly 1 week away and school is going to re-open soon. What's up next? School Starts I will be in Form 4. Time flies isn't it? So fast and I am now on my journey to my 2nd last year in secondary school. I can barely remember my first day in form 1. l0l.

Jeffery's computer KO liao. What would he be doing at home? studying? PS2? hmmm.... Not gonna dota??? Oh Man!!!

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