Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fussy Thoughts

I love to live a simple live but my thoughts are very complicated. I like to passively get myself into fussy thoughts and thinking of complicated happenings that will happen around. I can think very in depth about something. Like CSI thinking of all the possibilities that can happen to something. Some are merely impossible to happen but some comes true when I guess of it. Past monday and tuesday I thought a lot about many many things although I can still sleep well but I had some bad dreams. Thinking too much can make our brains restless and hence causing extreme tiredness and in serious cases dizzyness. Why think so much when we can't predict the future in any ways. Good, I shall remind myself everytime I go into a fuss.

I will be driving to school soon. Most probably after the midterm holidays. It would be my turn to fetch my friend to school after him fetching me for the past half the year and last year. Give and take should be done now since I can drive.

Mid-term exams are starting next monday 28/4 till 15/5. I am not sure whether I have enough revision to score the subjects I am for. If I succeed this time, I think I would be able to win a car back for trials.

The earth is round. You might be top of the world now but 24 hours later you will find yourself upside down

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