Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid Night Blogging

I slept at around 10pm justnow and woke up around 12 then I can't get myself back to sleep only more. Therefore, I decided to online and surf around. While surfing, I thought bout changing my blog template. I've been thinking bout this since some time ago and since now I have nothing better to do, I browsed around the net and found this template. I quite like this template for it's colour. not too dark not too bright just the way I like it and so coincidence, the movie I was watching justnow(Evan Almighty) was talking bout Genesis 6:14 and the name of this template is Genesis. Haha.

Before this, I went dota-ing with my cousin for 2 rounds. Haha. I asked him to go out for supper and after chatting a while, he DCed and went missing. So, after this I would be either adding some extra stuffs to decorate my blog or I would jsut jump for movies. I just watched Evan Almighty before I went browsing for template. I watched it once before, but I've already forgotten most of it. Now watching it back again. I feel it's a very nice story. I don't know what went wrong with my emotions tonight but there was a part I felt very touching when the "god" in that show told Evan's wife what it's all about and how his family went back to him. I felt it was real great. I've never been touched by movies before and this is the first time. Very strong family relationship they have.

There's one thing that I've learnt from that movie which I feel it's very true...
Whatever you ask from God, He doesn't give you what you asked, instead He gives you an opportunity to do so.. Deep?
Example; When you ask for courage, does God give you the courage or does He give you the opportunity to be courageous? Wonderful...
When you ask for a warm and loving family, does God give you a warm and loving family the next day you woke up? Or does He give you the opportunity to form a warm and loving environment in your family?

My cousin is back online. Let's see if he would wanna go for supper??? Kekeke...

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