Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Semester - Accomplished

I just finished my Engineering Mathematics paper today. My final paper. After 4 days of examination and several late night sleeps, finally everything is over. Hehe. Now, all I have to do is enjoy time and hope for the best in my results. I have a 2 weeks semester break now till the 1st of September. Just came back from steamboat buffet with my friends. That steamboat buffet was marvelous. The price was reasonable and the food there were great. They not only have the normal wet food and dry food, they also have dim sum. Oh, this is the first time I went for steamboat buffet with dim sum. I FEEL SO FULL NOW!!! Haha. I want to upload some pics but I can't transfer them up now. There are too many to upload. Will upload and update more fun stuffs later on when I' m back in ipoh. I will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow, following my uncle. Will be reaching Ipoh in the evening and I shall enjoy my 2 weeks of holiday~~

Will update more soon... Very fun things. Things that I feel very fun doing....


reanaclaire said...

Happy to know u enjoyed yrself fully... miss u too.. looking forward to seeing u .. take care n have a great journey home..

kenwooi said...

enjoy your sem break now =)

im done with inti! haha..