Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Semester - Best Studying Experience

Since I have nothing to do for the time now, I would start some stories on the fun things I said on the earlier post. Hehe. Staying in hostel could be really fun when you have your friends around with you. Especially the nights were you struggle through the whole night to sit for the paper the next day. This was the first time I studied till so late, of course now with company, it's easier to stay up feeling awake. Although staying up late is bad for health but still, we enjoyed it, moreover it was only 4 days of examination.
So what we did was during the whole week of finals, throughout the 4 nights, we burned midnight oil till the real midnight.
The first night(Sunday Night) was normal, just study till around 3 - 4 then we went to bed as the exam next day was at 2pm. Then the next night the same thing as the exam was also at 2pm. On the third night(Tuesday Night), we studied till around 10 slumber style(relax studying) till we found out that the exam next day was at 8 and not at 2pm!!! Then we rushed, got serious and started studying real time. That night we struggled till 4am for the Electrical exam on the next day. Sleeping time was not enough so concentration was bad.=(, on the last night, I slept at 2am and my friends to my surprise all struggled till 7am and exam was at 8am, pity my friends. After the exam on that day, everyone went back and SLEEP to gain some energy so that we could go for a great dinner at night and have a whole night gaming session. Haha. But throughout every single night we had that week was great. Studying was the main activity but we too had a great fellowship, snacking around and buying back supper to enjoy during the night. It was great really. Thanks Guys for making my studying environment so enjoyable =)

Let's have some pics to do the talking yea...

This was one week before our exams on a Thursday night. We stayed up studying till the next morning. The table was twice messier on the examination week =.=

On the same night after staying up for so many hours, we decided to go for breakfast, so we packed up and we went for breakfast at 6.30am, walking to Kayu mamak stall. 1 hour walking journey =.=. This was what we ate =).

After makan, we went back(by car, didn't wanna walk so far anymore), got ready and went for our last day of class for the semester =)

All these following pics are the stuffs we ate for that night after all the exams were done. Steamboat restaurant. Got so many types of food..!!!


reanaclaire said...

next time the steamboat boss wont allow u all to eat there.. sitt tai pun...rugi liow..

Gabriel said...

wah! eat so much. how many of u?

kenwooi said...

totally a new experience huh? enjoy! =)

Andy Lai said...

haha, not much only, the owner wasn't bankcrupt yet!!! will have a another try soon.. hahaha