Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results Day

Today was the results day for Semester 1 results but I didn't attend. Haha. I haven't enrol for 2nd Semester as well. What I did today was, I went out. Where? Somewhere la. Aiseh. Don't be so kae po. Keke. Ok let's get to the topic. Results day, I asked around bout my friends' results for what they get and it was kind of a good feedback but some surprising ones. Some people whom I thought they could get 4 flat did not get. So, there are no 4 flats for my course. Only a few people managed to get 3.0 and above for GPA. Guess it was a tough exam yea. Many could score high for the coursework but not the final exams. Okie, my friends, my gang of friends, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them are staying for second semester. YES!!! I have my gang here with me. But because of their results, some of them gotta repeat some subjects, so end up, we won't be in the same class, but who cares, as long as we are still together in the same college, same hostel, we can still hang out together and study together. =)

What happened bout my results? I called up INTI and it seems that they won't reveal results through phone calls. So, what I dd was I got my mum to call them up (Parents call more "power" ma). Haha, so what my mum did was she called up and they still did not wanna reveal, they can only reveal whether I passed or fail, but my mum told them that she just wanna know whether I got 3.0 above or not as I m a scholarship holder. So they said "YES" and that's a great YES!!! I made it!!! I maintained my scholarship!!! Thank God for his wonderful blessings upon me. God is Great.

Although I did not get 3.5 above but still, I am thankful for what I get.
Be thankful and grateful for what you have as there are many others who are in worse conditions. Remember this PEOPLE!!!


To Glorify Him said...

Thank God, Praise Him for the good results..continue to work hard and strive..Trust Him!

kenwooi said...

sure can la.. =)