Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Semester 2 : The Beginning

Since I made it to second semester, I am doing my second semester now =.=. This semester will be a short semester as we only have 6 study weeks. The first thing that comes into your mind "Short semester, relax loooohhh" BUT it's not!!! During this short sem we still have to learn the same amount as long sem, the difference is, in short sem everything is cramped and rushed through. SO, that made me feeling lost in class. Today was only the second day of class and I am lost. LOL. Actually, only 14 people made it through the first sem for my batch of intake. From around 30+ to 14. Other people from my class are the seniors who are retaking the subjects. We were not the only ones who are lost in the class, the whole class is in total confusion, even the top scorers.

Good news is that I have people to help me out. Thanks to my bro's friend Hann and my cousin Wilson. Both seniors in this course but from other Uni's. Just came back from supper with Hann. Went to mamak store with him to seek for his help to teach me and my friends Gabriel what we've lost. By the way, my whole gang of friends, some changed course, changed college or doing repeats, leaving me and Gabriel in the class("Survivors"). Haha. The class is so quiet now as all the jokers are not here anymore.

Studying this course(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is like playing a Surviror game to see who can survive through all the semesters and make it to graduation. What to do, wanna have better future gotta work harder. Nothing comes easy right? Hehe

This semester is tough. The lecturers are teaching so fast that when I enter the classroom, it makes me feel like I am in Sepang Circuit =.="


reanaclaire said...

oh gosh.. so should i worry?
but i have confidence in u..
i m sure u can do it..
u r a smart guy...
Pray .. He will help u too..

Andy Lai said...

hehe need nt worry mum, i have the solutions to it ;)

To Glorify Him said...

Haha, yea, dun worry so much, sure Andy can do it.. :)