Friday, September 11, 2009

Staying Up

I am still awake now at 2.22am. Actually, I was starting on my Engineering Maths assignment but I got stuck half way and I wasn't able to online justnow. BUT now since I got online, everyone who could help me are already offline. Haha. So, I planned to do my Lab Report. Tengok Tengok, it's so confusing I don't know where to start from and what the report requires. BUT, I've thought of a solution to it. Will be calling Hann again tomorrow for some guidance. Hopefully he is free. Haha, always disturb him only.

Tomorrow's class(Later during the day) will be at 3pm. So, I would be able to stay up a little later. Haha. not to play really. Wanna work on my revision. Short sem is really pack. Everything is going too fast. Furthermore, engineering is a tough course. *Sigh*


reanaclaire said...

hi son, hope u will be able to solve your problems soon.. have a good nite sleep and maybe today your otak is cergas once again..
All the best to u.. remember to pray for guidance..

God Bless!

Gabriel said...

all the best to you Andy! don't worry too much, just do your best, God will do the rest. :)