Thursday, September 17, 2009


Apa khabar everybody? It has been a long time since I didn't update my blog yea? Maybe bout a week. Not that long only =.="

I've been busy with my college stuffs especially my assignments. As I said earlier, I am undergoing a short sem now(8 Weeks), you might think it's fun. In fact, that was what I thought earlier too before my sem started. "Short sem only ma, relax a bit, study a while ni then holidays d". WRONG MAN! Short sem is much more stressful compared to long sem. Lecturers and teaching so fast. Ok, I 'm getting used to their "engine capacity" but now the assignments =.=

MY EEE lecturer has released our first assignment 3 days ago on monday. Project title is to build a power supply regulator. Let me explain what it is like( He explained two days after he released his assignment to us) "Smart". We are suppose to build a circuit/prototype that converts a 240vAC power source(The place you plug in your computers, chargers, electronic equipments) to a 5vDC. Ok, sounds easy? LOL. We have to build everything from scratch and hunting our own materials. Let's see how dangerous it is. A short in our circuit can cause blackout in the whole college =) We even have to build our own plug that directs the 240V into our circuit. According to the lecturer, this project hasn't been done for past few semester. The last time they did it, the whole college's power were short. Cool. Previous semester students used only a 9v battery(Safe to play with)
Why is ours so tough? That's only the first part. Apart from that, we have to use that own built power supply regulator to power up a circuit counter. Explanation : A two sided circuit which one side has a counter attached to it. the counter's value increases when something goes in between the two circuit. COOL? Here comes the hard part. We have only one week duration to do it.
Plus, the fast lectures make us blur bout the characteristics of those components. Everything has to be done by internet research. Even the lecturer ask us to research ourselves and he is not gonna teach about anything or give any advise on how to build the circuit/what is needed to build one SAFELY.

Conclusion, it's a dangerous project and no one has any idea on where to start. My bro's friend who is undergoing degree program gave me a good advice. "Build it and ask the lecturer to test it" Good Idea but, the lecturer wants us to snap pictures of our outcomes and measurements. =.= and the funny thing is this project only contributes 4 marks to the whole coursework marks.

God please bless me with all the knowledge I need...


reanaclaire said...

oh gosh..son, so tough ah? u make me worry again..

:) just joking la.. i m not worried, i know u can do, u'know... just a matter of time... u have the brains..

Wai Keong said...

what course you taking? I still blur blur here

Andy Lai said...

E&E Engineering >.<

kenwooi said...

engineering is always tough =P

Gabriel said...

don't worry, it's gonna be a lot of fun. :)

SJ said...

you sure can get through it! hapi raya!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)