Thursday, September 24, 2009

Study Break Holidays

This whole week is my study break not sem break but still, I've enjoyed myself very much. Haha. I just went back to Penang AGAIN yesterday to pass my assignment to my friend and to hang out with my cousin for a while there. We went to Penang Road AGAIN for the laksa but the laksa stall was closed. So, we ate "Chow Kuay Teow" and "Hokkien Prawn Noodles" and a bowl of cendol each for him, me and my friend(King Foong). It rained and shined yesterday afternoon so weather wasn't that bad. IT was cooling yesterday when we went eating in an old coffee shop. After that, we went to Queensbay to Jalan-Jalan. We wanted to go to Gurney actually BUT when we were in college, so much time were wasted.
At first, I wanted to look for the principle, his secretary said he wasn't in. Then I called up the Head Of Student Affairs. The Dean of the college. He said he will be back by 1pm. So I waited for him. I wasited till 1.15pm. I called him again, he said he will be back by 2 after lunch. Suen ba, don't wanna wait d. Waste my time walking up and down in the college. So we went off to Penang Road. After Queensbay, my cousin did not find the shoe he wanted, we went back to the bus station. Don't know what was with the traffic yesterday, the jam was so long that the journey home took us 3 hours++!! At least we reached home safely =)

I enjoyed this study break very much. YES I know I am suppose to study during study break, but, =) is all I can say. Haha.
Hanging out with HER was FANTASTIC!!
Wanna go out with HER again.
Wanna meet HER soon.
Wanna watch movies with HER.
Wanna go jalan-jalan with HER.
Tomorrow perhaps? =)


Wai Keong said...

Sudah lupa kita ker? Belum belanja makan ah! =)

Wai Keong

Andy Lai said...

haha come man...

Andy Lai said...
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Anonymous said... nice it is to be young and in love! LOL!!!