Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss To Say Goodbye

Everyone has gone home. My cousin, relatives and brother. My brother will be off to Italy next week for 3 months until after christmas. So, the last time I saw him was few hours ago. Hopefully he would have a wonderful time enjoying himself in Italy for 3 months!!. I wanna go there too next time for my internship. Haha. If I can get into GE.

My cousin, my closest buddy has gone home back to JB to continue his 3 more weeks of holidays while I enjoy my next one month of studies!! and will be having a test during the coming week. Either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Very fun spending time with him everynight. Hey hey hey don't think the other way kay?? Haha. Thanks for helping me with my assignment. Gaming session was fun yea? But first few nights don't know why kept losing ni. Enjoy killing people in early game then wait to lose. LoL. Even Hsien Rhu joined us for a few games. It has been a long time since the last time I played with him. Still got teamwork. Masih Boleh Tahan lo. Haha.

Will be sending my phone for warranty these few days before the warranty voids. Wanna change my keypads and camera button, update software and clean up the whole phone. While waiting, my old old old Nokia 3610 would be coming in handy. Haha. Hopefully the workmanship is fast.

Now I feel lazy going back to college/hostel tomorrow after one week of holidays. I will be leaving home at 6.30am tomorrow. Come back Ipoh makan non-stop. It's like the first batch of food haven't reach the stomach, the second batch started to Q-up already. Haha. I miss all my loved ones. I miss her, my cousin, my family members and everyone whom I spent my holidays with!!


kenwooi said...

sometimes it's hard to say goodbye =)

To Glorify Him said...

Yeap, you surely can work here..For now, do well and focus in your studies..In just 1 month, you will b back home again.Do remember that, we r connected via online or hp.God is our refuge and our strength :)