Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Post

hello...this is my 3rd blog already... everytime i make a blog i will abandone it...but this one i wont...cause i know wat i can do with my blog n wat i wan to do wif this...Firstly , today is BAND I m now the leader of the Percussion Section...wif my Fren Navin...hrm hrm...tough job now...especially wif a new batch of form 1 members... but i must try my best to build up a drumline...Everytime i finish a post...i will share a word of GOD wif u all...please readi found this verse the other day when i felt very depressed n this is the 1st time i really read the bible n this is wat GOD told me from his word"God made everyone for purpose and he made everyone as an image of his glory"there r 2 things i would higlight here is tat...we r all born out wif a talent which we might not noe it now yet...secondly is tat He made veryone "as an image of his glory" means everyone is precious... do not harm urself by doing unhealthy acts...tats all for now..hope u will continue visiting my blog...thnx

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