Sunday, November 12, 2006

Firing Up

Things were great till 2day’s band practice where My section and I got fired up badly…Things happened unexpectedly…My section practiced for 2 days n I skipped my class in school to go out n teach…not like other sections where they did not even practiced or maybe onliy 1 hr a practice…I would rather stay in class playing Board games or to even stay at home..but I went there 2 days last week to teach for 2hrs++ and got fired like mad…

What can we expect from juniors(form 1) who only had 5 hours of practice??? At least they can finish up one marching song compared to other sections although it was only grade 2…

I guess expectations were to high to achieve…Things really turned the other way round…

Apart from that, 2day went makan in mamak and after that was some fun... I saw videos n pics about coke + mentos = reactions(some kind of explosions) me n my friends tried it...opened the bottle...threw one mentos in and only a bit a rection...maybe next time we should try diet coke+ a bar of mentos instaed of one little one....hehe

God’s Word

I missed today’s baptism class but I read through wat was taught…It says :

Everyone should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully admisstering God’s grace in its various forms

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