Monday, November 20, 2006

What A Life life is just getting more serious nowadays. I guess it's because of me as a section leader. Well I have to plan for practices and the most of all I've got to set up a member list for m section. Happy to have dedicated members but at the same time I need to train up those new members as in the new comers from Form 2 and Standard 6. Standard 6 is not the problem. I think the problem occurs from the form 2 guy. His attitude don't seem good at all.

Back to my PERSONAL life. Sleeping late at nights can be fun but at the same time I get more pimples. Boys don't like pimples. What can I say, I can etheir have fun or be bored to kill my pimples. I prefer enjoying now before school restarts or even before the PMR results come out aka Judgement Day. So I gotta do what I wanna do now before it's too late.

Btw, do you see what's different between this post and other post? Haha. I am trying to spell the words . Tkaes more time but I think it's worth while

That's all for now. Keep coming for more. Any comments about my bloggie just post it into the message box. Thanks. Bye

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