Monday, July 05, 2010

Day Out With Friends

After 2 months of college and hostel life, my friends and I finally went out yesterday to hang out. As we said to ourselves not to hang out since one day before this semester started. So, after all out hard work for our tests and assignments, we went to hang out yesterday at Queensbay. Yeah, it was a nice day =D

We first went to Royal Sporting House and Al-Ikhsan to check out for the Jabulani(2010 South Africa Match Ball). We found both original and the replica ones in both the shops. We were really wanting to buy one for ourselves. to be smart consumers, we first checked out the prices from both stores =P And by doing that, we went from the highest floor all the way to the 1st floor few times to check out the price and designs. Of course, we weren't aiming for the official match ball as it was way too expensive. However, we aimed for the match ball replica. Actually, there weren't much difference between these two types except for its profile mainly. So, finally we got ourselves the match ball replica. It's not as expensive as the official match ball which costs Rm399.00 . Haha.

After getting the ball, we went for tea treat and that's when we landed in J.Co Donuts again. Had their donuts once, long time ago, not sure when but I think it was the previous semester. This time we had J Pops. J Pops are small sized donuts, you'll see further down the post =) Doesn't really make you full but you get to taste almost all the flavours. One box contains 24 of them but we didn't buy one box, it was too much, Nah... We got ourselves two boxes =P 2 boxes can make 4 of us feel full =D

The first pack of J Pops
The Second pack of J Pops
First Box of Donuts
Second box of Donuts
This is our new member to the group =D
After everything, we went back to hostel, changed into out sports attire and went for football behind our hostel at the USM field. At first it was only 4 of us, but after some time, the frisbee team from our college joined in for a 16 man match 8 each team full field. It was tiring, legs were tired. But at the end of the day, everyone had fun. That's the best part =)


reanaclaire said...

wow...the ball and the donuts.. they are real matching.. hope u have a good refreshening of the mind..

To Glorify Him said...

wah man, good one wei..i oso havent see the bal before..good la...and the donuts havent try b4 oso