Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Genting Trip!!

It has been a long time since the last time I went to Genting Highlands. But I just came back from there last Sunday. It was a fun holiday trip with my family. We went there for 3 days 2 nights at the First World Hotel. It was a fun place to be after so long I've not been there, because I have almost forgotten everything I've seen before in Genting. Haha. First day when we reached there, on Friday, we did nothing much. Just walked around for the whole evening and went for 4D Motion Master ride. Not as thrilling as I remebered the last time I went there. That evening, I tried to walk into the casino with my mum, but I was stopped by the guard. I guess I still look young =P

Second day, we had our fullest time at the outdoor theme park. I think we spent our ticket worth enough. Took around 8 rides. From 10.++am till 4.++pm. Yeapz, it was enough, we were tired, our feet were tired walking around then we went back to relax in the room. But then my sister, my brother and not to forget, Gabriel was with us too, they 3 were not done yet, so they went for the Cyclone. I wanted to go too, so I went down to find them but when I was there they were already in the ride =.=

Some of the photos we took that day =) Those without me in it were the pictures I took using Gabriel's DSLR. Haha. Was playing with his camera snapping everything, including a rubbish bin and 2 girls, but he didn't send them to me. Guess he kept it for himself =P

First of all, allow me to introduce you my new friends, which I don't know what their names were >.<

My brother(left) and Gabriel (Right), don't they two look alike? Haha
I caught a picture of this kid playing with himself and went he saw me taking pictures of him, he closed his face. Haha
The Pirate Ship. I sat it the first thing we entered the theme park. But they went again for the last time before leaving the theme park and I did not follow because I was feeling dizzy =.=
This is the Cyclone I was talking about. My brother, my sister and Gabriel were on it that time and I was down there taking their pics, but after many shots, I can't seem to catch them. The car was faster an my finger reactions.

Digging digging...

When we first reached there, I went to the toilet. The toilet was very big and when I went to pee I saw this O.O
*closer look*
Haha. For those who can't pee properly =D
The whole of Genting Highlands, prototype photo. I did not take it from a helicopter. Haha

This guy, he has been standing up there since afternoon and in the evening he was still there dancing. I think he is paid to just stand and dance on the roof =.=
Whee~ A finale sweet family photo =)

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smallkucing said...

gosh long time havent been to the theme park..since my early 20s. one of these days must go and go crazy again hahaha