Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Night Of HERCULES

Tonight will be the last night of school drama Hercules. Don't know whether will miss it or not. Haha. Normally when attending its practice always complain saying that it is boring but after drama might feel missing it. Drama is fun when there are songs to play especially now when keng joon is not in drama cause of chicken pox. I get to play throughout the whole drama. Haha. Tonight is the last night I am gonna blast everything out. Enjoy all the songs. Yeah!!!

Navin coming to stay over tonight in my house till wednesday. Cool eh!!! Get to watch and enjoy all the drum videos together. The person I love to hang out with most. Haha. Now you all get the answer to one of my questions in my friend test. I placed it in friendster. Go and try it out le. Haha. Gonna watch all drumming and comedy videos for the next few days. Haha. We share the same interest mostly and same attitude and style. The SMART style.

I see that this blog of mine has an average of 50 views per post. Haha. That's a great success for me. Thanks for all your support in keeping me posting. Haha. The previous post I posted achieved 50 views. Thnx GUYS and GALS!!!

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