Thursday, August 09, 2007

Physics Test!!

Actually i did not take my physics test last Thursday. Thought I would never sit for it. See see today that teacher asked the monitor to call me. Haha. Good also. Not that hard only those questions. Because of 3 careless questions i lost 6/35 marks which could bring me to A2. Aikz. Got 69 only in the end. Hope this paper counts. I want to score in Maths, Add Maths and Physics. End of this year. Those subjects msut get A1. MUST!!!!!.

This Sunday got band function at a Turf CLub. Some horse racing thingy is on. So have to go and do a parade march. Don't have enough members for that march le. Can only go out 8 instead of 12. Aikz! Sunday function then next wednesday is School Merdeka Celebration. Need to play Tanah Pusaka and Setia. Luckily no need to wear band uniform. OR else cham le. Hot and uncomfortable. Haha.

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