Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy Days

I think I use this title before. Haha. Life has been busy these days. Especially drama practices. The whole month of August I will be fully booked form drama to band camp to merdeka celebrations. 50th year somemore. Haha. 10 days++ to update the blog once. That shows how busy I was. Haha. Sorry guys. No updates for so long. Keep this blog so abandoned.

Finishing the practice plan for my section. so many members yet so little tutors. So hard to do the planning man. Like 1 fella teaching 10 fellas? Oh man. Can teach also cannot learn la. So many people to be taught at a time. Break them into groups but not enough time and tutors. LOL.

Bought a Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2007 T-shirt which costs me bout 17 bucks but quite comfortable shirt although the design is a little messy at the behind. Haha. Wanted to buy one more white colour one since the current one I bought is black but too bad no money to buy. Use too much money already. Over budget for this month. Haha.

My blogging skills are very bad. Haha. Pardon me for that. Haha.

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