Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Far long AWAY

Wah. It has been long since I last updated this blog. I must be very busy because of drama practice. I have to stay back everyday in school till 3 - 4. Monday, Tusday, Friday drama practice. Wednesday and Thursday IT class. Wah. Everyday also stay back. Need to take lunch in school. SO need more allowence. Hehe.

Just finished planning and writing out my percussion section practice schedule. It's better to write everything down since there are few groups of members depending on quality and experience. New members and old members. Very confuse when thinking bout the practice times so might as well make a time table for it. Easier for everyone.

Becoming the treasurer is not an easy job. It is fun collecting money but it is hard to record down and do a report during General Meetings. Haha. I've never learn any accountings. But one thing good is that I get to learn how to bank in money and deal money with the bank. Something very insteresting and fun to do i see. Haha.

Prefect AGM is next coming monday. The upper sixes and the form 5 will be leaving. It is good for us to learn to be independent but without the form 5, I am jsut worried bout handling the group of "samseng" fellas or some "ganster wannabes". Haha. Fell sick on last saturday so didn't get to go for comm outing. But this friday or saturday might be having a nother outing again. Full prefectorial board outing. Haha. FUNZZZ.

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