Sunday, July 08, 2007

AGM 07/08

AGM 2007. Well the new board of committees is up.. Here it is

Band Leader - Jeffery Chan
Asst. Band leader - Joshua Ng
Treasurer - Andy Lai
Secretary - Bryan Lee

1st Quartermaster - Shahrin
2nd Quatermaster - Wei Sheng
3rd Quatermaster - Louis Chong

Woodwind Section Leader - Bryan Lee
Bass Section Leader - Tan Tihn Chern
Trumpet Section Leader - Shahrin
Percussion Section Leader - Andy Lai
- Navindran

Drum Major - Joshua Ng

Board of 07/08. HOpe that this batch of exco's can do their job well for the future of the band

Tomorrow going to KL to watch national band competition. Have to reach school by 7am. After reaching there, will be going to 1 Utama then jalan-jalan cari makan. After that start our journey to Bukit Jalil to get a nice spot to sit and ready to watch National Band Competition 2007.

I am proudly deleting 2778 messages from my handphone inbox. LOL. That might be a small amount for some of u huh. Haha. Saving me70++mb and fastening up my sms process.Hehe. Hope one day I will reach that collection again. Bye bye.

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