Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy Days

Well.Perak Band Competition 2007 is over. Time to get serious with studies. It has been long since the last day I updated this blog. LOL. Anyway, Did not achieve anything in this year's band competition but still it was a good lesson for all MMB bandsmen that we can't hold on to something we had been holding on since few years ago. This is the circles of life. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Losing is the time where we learn our mistakes and improve ourselves. This has been a great experience after losing for the first time in my 4 years in band. I've got one more year left next year. One last season for me in the drumline. 07/08. AGM is coming soon. New board of commitees is coming up and hoping that this board could do a better job in future. Time flies. It has been four years. I can barely forget what happened because I can remember every moment I had in the band since the first day I joined the band.

There will be two outings next week. One IT class outing on wednesday and another on sunday. The band will be going to Bukit Jalil on sunday to watch the National Competition. Can't wait. It's the first time I am going there and yet with the whole band. This is gonna be SO FUN.

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