Sunday, June 24, 2007

Perak Finals - 48 hours

Nowadays really very busy. Really no time to update my blog.

Yaya. Perak Finals is about 48 hours away. I am getting nervous bout it. Thinking bout it every night. Thinking whether I will be mistake-free or doing mistakes like today in practice. Gosh~! Today's show is like so bad. No improvements. All the mistakes came back again. No difference since prelims. Monday is the competition and SMI is the 7th band to perform. 2nd last band. More time for preparation but will be tired waiting for our turn. Hope the members wil have enough rest during the afternoon. I really don't want them to be too tired when it's our turn to perform.

Members of MMB. We have been going through these 3 weeks together. Crying, Arguement, Laughter, Tiredness, Hours under the sun. It's time to make all these efforts something we want to achieve. It's time to create a history my fellow bandsmen. Do your best. Nothing will stop us. Nothing is out disadvantage and most of all always be confident at yourself.

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