Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hello 123

Long time didn't update this blog. Band life was very hectic till got no time to rest also sometimes. From band practice to tuition. Then back home sleep. Next day same routine. Everyday almost the same for the past whole 2 weeks of holidays. Holidays are not holidays to me because I still have to go to school. Haha.

Band finished formation but in very bad condition. Attendance was bad. Performance was bad also. How could we ever aim for the gold when we can't even unite as one? Most of the bandsmen are giving up hope on this year's competition. Even is one person gives up hope on this year's competition the other 47 will not be able to achieve because one of the teammates have a different mindset.

School is gonna start very soon; I hope I can have great memories kept with me after this band competition season.

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