Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally @ A promise is a promise

I promised to update this blog today so here am I doing it. Haha. Last Saturday went to Shahrin’s house for open house in the afternoon. Took a taxi there together with Louis, Jeffery and Desmond. 12 bucks fare so each paid 3 bucks, considered very cheap compared to driving there from Ipoh garden to Manjoi. Went there ate malay food. Took a little too much so can’t take in anymore dessert(Pudding). L0L. Then went to jusco After that we went to Jusco. Damn funny. 9 people fitting into an UNSER all the way from Manjoi to Jusco. Imagine that? L0L.

Exams are finally over to day. FINALLY. Came back wanted to play some games but don’t know what’s wrong with my internet connection. It’s running so slow now till I have to type my blog into Microsoft Word while waiting for the page to load up so that I can just copy and paste in my text without wasting my time.

There is this link I added on my link column. GeeksWeekly. A blog created by my tech friend with his PODCAST in it. So I hope you all can give him some support by downloading or listening it straight from the web then give him some comments on what he should improve on. Thanks PEOPLE~!!!

I am putting up a new friends test in my friendster so I hope you can try it out anytime when you are free. It isn’t hard. Just click on the link at the side which leads you right away to my friendster profile to sit for the test. Thanks!!!

Actually what else should I put more in my blog? What you all wanna read or know bout me? (EXCEPT PERSONAL STUFFS) ^.^

Tell me so that I can update it the way you all want and that you can enjoy coming to my blog. Thanks Again~!!!

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