Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teenage Life

Yesterday went out with friends to JUSCO. It's like I only go out once in a blue moon with friends. Haha. What a teenage life I am having. Since now holidays should spend some time more with friends. Hehe. Yesterday went to Jusco to watch Bourne Ultimatum then went bowling for 2 roundswhich lasted bout 2 hours cause 6 players. One bowling ball rolled down from the machine and dropped on my leg. L0L. IT was very pain at first. Then after that it was nothing. Quite nice to play bowling. 2nd time in my life playing bowling. Yesterday was at cheap rate cause Ramadhan Promotion. So after snooker we went snooker then go makan dinner. After dinner we walked a little then went back to the bowling alley to play another 3 rounds with 4 players so ended bout 10 night by the time I reached home. It was fun really yesterday although I spent bout 30++ in a single day. But it's worthwhile to spend such fun time with my friends. Hope to do it again some other time.

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