Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time Passes By

2nd week of mid-term examinations are done going. Next week will be going through the last few days. Time passes by without noticing. If you don't count time, it passes by without you knowing. I thought this week would be a tough week for me as the hardest exams are all in this week and it just went by and I did not even feel it passing by. Great~!

My auntie from Australia will be back tomorrow from Australia to her hometown here in Malaysia. Can't wait for the candies and chocolates she would be bringing back for me. Yummy~!

Will be going to the library tomorrow to study with some friends. Will be driving there. Have been driving a lot these days. Driving to tuitions and school. Driving to tuition saves me 45 minutes than to wait for my mother to fetch my sister to tuition at 8 and pick me up on the way back. Money can't buy paying a 30 cents parking ticket a week its ok to earn 45 minutes. It's is not as dangerous as anyone thinks. As long as you keep to your own path you are on the safe side and not forgetting to maintain the speed. nice to drive. Getting used to my grandfather's 20 years old saga. Can consider is very new for a 2 decades old car. The only thing is that it has no power steering. But who cares. I am getting used to it. Will be washing his car this weekend after using it so many times.

LOVE HAS NO REASON. Don't Believe? Ask yourself.

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