Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Just Love Them All

I love comedies. I love sit-coms. I love funny movies. And I had just watched one today. Actually we planned to watch Prince Caspian(NARNIA) but that show was too long so ended up we watched What Happen In Vegas. Quite a funny movie. It's a bout this guy and girl who met in vegas and spent a "night" together after getting drunk and then somehow they accidently got "married" and then the story goes. Went with chee cheng and chee fei. After watching we drove straight to tuition and WoaHH we weren't late. Haha. Go watch that movie. Worth watching. Won't be going out anymore maybe until after SPM? Yeap, I went out too much. Twice this year is too much. Not for me but my mum. So, catch you guys after spm.

Anyone saw the advertisements on the left hand side of my blog? I added those advertisement a week ago and the advertisements seem very attractive to me. Personality test? Hehe. I want to click on them but if I click too much I will be charged for abusing. So guys and girls, click on those advertisements and have fun.

Band concert is exactly 16 days away and many things are not done yet. Tickets are not sold out. Advertisements are little and sponsorship is worse. OMGness, concert is coming and everything seem to be so slumber and slow. Never experienced such slow movements in MMB and only a few practices for the concert? Oh Man.

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