Monday, May 26, 2008

Swing The Funk

Playing Funk and Swing is real hard. That's what I need to do in the jazz band in concert. The score seems easy to play but it was actually very hard to play with all sorts of feel. Just back from one ensemble today and I was stuck around the score like no where. Listening to all the songs that are gonna be played. 3 songs. That's it. I am off for Funk and Swing.

My brother is back to IPOH. YES, companion at last. Since my brother left for UTP I am the only male left in the house and everything seems girlish around. So I would have to wait for him to come back during the holidays and at the same time teaching me. Haha. My family all went to KL for holidays and I have to stay home because I have tuitions and band practices to attend. So I will be home alone again till coming tuesday. Drove to school with my mother's car justnow. It sounds fun to drive an auto car to school but it isn't so fun for me cause I am too used to my grandfather's car.

Looking at other band members from other schools going for band camps is really a sad thing when we can't go for camps anymore. I want to go for band camps. I haven't had enough. Why? WHY? WHY? I miss marching every morning afternoon and night. I miss bathing with my friends(in different bathrooms of course), Climbing up toilet walls( The excos would know bout this), taking night walks along the corridor and outside during midnight having KFC. I miss those times. I miss playing marching songs. I miss carrying my drum. I wanna march. Aikz. I so wanna march and go under the sun getting tanned and sunburns. I miss those times. Form 1 and 2 and 3... and 4 and 5. WHY?!?! I want those moments. Those are the most memorable moments in my life. I want to wear my band uniform and go for prelims in other schools. I want to go for finals rehearsal in the morning reaching school at 6.40am. I want to march on the field on finals night. I want to fall-in and wait for results and sing crap songs in the bus.

I just love blogging. It's a like a diary to me. Someday I would read back all my previous posts and laugh bout it.

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