Monday, May 05, 2008

Exam Half Time

Sorry for the late updates due to examinations. Hehe. Last Wednesday Was a great day of lunch taking with my brother in Tanjung Tualang which is around 13 km from his campus. We has crabs, prawns, fish, fried oyster with eggs(aw chien or old chien, and a dish of vege.View them at my mum's blog if you are feeling really hungry now

The first week of exams was over last week. The first week was ok except for my english paper. Slack a little on the points due to stomachache after recess. Ouch! Will be going through the second week of mid-term exams starting tomorrow where I will be sitting for the hardest papers for myself.

Currently no band practices for the next one more week. That makes 3 weeks without band practices. First time in MMB 3 weeks straight without practice. Normally it's only for 2 weeks.

Time flies and passes by very fast. It's already May now. 1 month from now it will be the end of my life in MMB but once a band member always a band member. 3 months from now I will be going for SPM trials and 2 more months after that i will be sitting for SPM.

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