Sunday, January 07, 2007

The internet connection is so slow I need to take so long to get into my blog to update it as in now. Is this gonna go on for another 3 weeks? swt

School Re-opened and I am there in Science 1 where I will be studying 11 subjects for the next 2 years. Tough job isn't it? Guess I will have to start my effort now in order to achieve something in the near future.

There was a function yesterday. So called christmas celebration organized by the Perak government. Actually it was suppose to end at 9pm but turned out it ended at 11pm instead. Thanks to last minute changes saying we have to play another Perak Anthem before the dismissal. Waited for another 2 hours doing nothing there.

Today was a fun day. Went out with my friends to Ipoh Parade to makan in Marybrown then went for a short walk in the complex. Seriously this is my first time hanging out with my friends in the mall and my first time to meet girls outside. Unbelievable right? As a teenager this is my first time hanging out with friends. l0l. No Life. There are things I can't post up here. Haha. Fun things which will be kept silence.

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