Monday, January 15, 2007

Penang trip

so, went to Penang yesterday and just came back. Arrived there bout noon and had lunch with my cousin. l0l. The food there is darn expensive. One plate of Chow Keuy Teow is Rm5.50. One plate of fried oyster is Rm10. Wah lunch is a normal coffee shop costs bout RM40++. If I am not mistaken it was Lorong Selamat or something like that. l0l. I am bad in recognising roads and routes. Next. Checked in Hotel. Sheraton hotel. 5 Star Hotel IF i am not mistaken again. Then went to a newly built shopping mall to shop for stuffs. Quintsbay Mall. Very big oo. But nothing to buy. Haha. 4 something went to eat Penang Laksa. Ngek Ngek. Mine was the last bowl and when i took one bite I saw and insect in there i quickly spitted it out. MAN!!! so gross ke? Bad Bad.

Next day which is today after lunch went to Prangin Mall and bought nothing only my sis bout a shirt. Wanted to buy Patrick the starfish but I don't know why I didn't buy. l0l.

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