Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Far So Good

Okie. Life in school is back to normal as last year d. I know the teachers d. Know their personality and how they do things. Add-maths is tricky. I mean the subject not the teacher but i can cope with it. I think the problem now is Moral where i need to memorise. I think Pure Science is kinda fun. Add-maths and Mod-maths is always the best subjects cause I like it when the question is tough where I need to use my IQ. l0l.

Planning to get a Nokia 3250 . Had been wanting to get it since last year. Any comments on phones? Dont ask me get those 2k handphones. l0l. No money. Don't want to get Sony Ericsson phones because firstly it does not support symbian and secondly all phones function the same as in they have almost everything same only different name and prices.

Tomorrow got school. So bored.


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